4 Misconceptions About Solar Panels

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Dystopic films and shows often depict the world without electricity. Relying on the conventional energy source, these depictions are plausible. However, you can use renewable energy sources to reduce its plausibility. Solar panels can help you have a sustainable source, whilst also minimising your utility expenses. To help dispel the misconceptions about this system, here are answers to myths surrounding it.

solar panels

Solar Panels

High Costs

Some people think that anything related to technology is expensive. When these were first introduced, they are expensive because the technology and resources to manufacture these items are pricey. This is not the case with these panels today. The cost of buying and installation has dropped because production costs had gone down. Because of this affordability, a lot of Australian homes are switching to solar energy.

These Cannot Be Used at Night

One of the most popular myths about these products is that they will not work when the sun is out. Basically, these panels have cells that generate electricity when photons from the sun hit it. Some systems store excess power in battery banks for later use. For other types of systems, solar homeowners are given credits by utility companies, which they can use to get electricity from the traditional system.

You Need to Replace Your Entire System

There is no need to rewire your entire home just because you decide to switch to solar energy. You can choose to have a hybrid home to minimise the cost of electricity. You receive credits or financial incentives for your hybrid setup as it helps contribute to the minimisation of the use of traditional power sources.

You Can Do the Installation Yourself

You need the help of experts to successfully install your renewable electricity system. These electricians have the skills to hook you residential or commercial property to your new energy source. Moreover, installation required working with electricity and at heights. Because of this, it is safer to hire professionals to do the job.

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