Guide to Working with a Video Production Company

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A video production company puts together content for clients. The content should go through the process of pre-production, production and post-production to come up with a professional video. Otherwise, it just falls under the category of the so-called home-made.

  • Pre-production – The company will conduct scriptwriting, casting, table reads, logistics, finding shoot locations, storyboard and other administrative preparations.
  • Production – Set designs, shooting scenes, recording footage, lighting, framing and several works in the composition.
  • Post-production – Editing, writing the soundtrack, sound design, sound and visual effects, ADR, foley and all the processes leading to distribution.

How to choose a company:

Review the work – Take a look at the works of the company before giving the go signal. This will give you an idea of their content, style, editing and just how they get the job done. You can have a better picture of what to expect. Anyhow, there are demo videos they are ready to present when clients ask for samples. Take advantage of the opportunity to ensure you get the best.

Consult previous clients – As they say, nothing beats first-hand experiences. Companies will obviously put their best put forward. You will hear nothing but good things about their end products, services and staff. To get a glimpse of how everything really goes, do not hesitate to consult their past clients. Their testimonials either give you a warning or maybe the sign to take the company on board. Reviews are also available online!

Assess the cost – Price does matter. Do not take the plunge on a team that will not give your money’s worth. Make sure every element is present – quality, aesthetics, creativity and everything in between!

What to ask:

  • How long have they been working in the industry?
  • What is their team, culture and approach like?
  • How many will be involved in the project?
  • How will the brainstorming go?
  • Can they turn your vision to life?
  • Who will be in-charge of the script?
  • Will they provide the actors?
  • What equipment do they use?
  • How are the locations selected?
  • Is editing included?

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