A Guide to Mature Women’s Workwear

Admin   January 9, 2018   Comments Off on A Guide to Mature Women’s Workwear

Looking for mature women’s workwear isn’t always easy. People have a misconception that once a lady reaches a certain age, they should start dressing like their grandmas. However, nowadays, more and more women are breaking age barriers through fashion. With mature style icons like Madonna, Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep, who says women over 50 can’t be fashionable?

Show Your Curves

Unless you’re a super athlete, chances are, you’ll gain a bit more weight as you age. This is totally normal. Other ladies tend to shy away from their curves, opting to conceal them with baggy clothes. Don’t do this! It’s easy to dress fashionably without throwing on layer after layer of clothing.

Mature women’s workwear would be nothing without shapewear. You’ll be surprised at how it cleans up your silhouette, creating a seamless curve. No more bulges on your skirts! Alternatively, you can also opt for designs that minimise your problem areas, without adding more bulk to your frame. Work with the proportions that fit your frame.

Update Your Look

Sure, now is not the time to make crazy fashion choices, but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment from time to time. Updating your fashion is the best way to keep your look fresh. It doesn’t have to be huge changes, either. Look inside your closet. Do you see any pieces that are more than 20-years old? If so, throw them out! Chances are, not only are you not using them anymore – if you use them, they’ll make you look dated.

You can also do this by updating your hair colour or style. Don’t go all crazy and get a red dye. Perhaps some subtle high and low lights that complement your natural hair colour? This really freshens up any look. As for the style, don’t go too crazy. Ask your hairstylist what modern look would work well for your face and age.

It’s not hard to find mature women’s workwear that works, but it can be daunting. These tips will help you find office clothes that are age-appropriate and flattering. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out Andiamo today.