3 Tips on Successfully Managing a Virtual Office

Admin   October 5, 2017   Comments Off on 3 Tips on Successfully Managing a Virtual Office

One way to save a lot with company expenses is to ditch the physical office and have everyone work from home. While it may sound crazy at first, there are a lot of ways to make this work. Here are some tips on properly managing a virtual office:

  • Meet Twice a Year

You don’t have to stay in your homes all the time. You can schedule a team building so everyone can catch up with each other. While some team members chose to communicate with each other through chat, it’s still different if they see each other in person. Of course, the team building should be full of activities so everyone will get to know each other more.

  • Schedule Feedback Sessions

There are times when some workers have suggestions on how to improve the company but they don’t know when they can voice their opinion. Therefore, it would be a splendid idea if you can schedule feedback sessions. It’s not only for those who have great ideas but it’s also for evaluating the performances of other workers. It doesn’t mean some workers want others removed from the company. It’s for them to know how they can improve their habits.

  • Use Social Networking

While you may not see each other, you can keep the relationship going by being active in social media. For example, liking a colleague’s picture on Facebook would go a long way in developing your relationship with that person. Another splendid idea would be to retweet a colleague’s Twitter status.

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