Choose an Interior Design that Fits your Personality

Admin   August 10, 2017   Comments Off on Choose an Interior Design that Fits your Personality

Many people do not know what style they want for their homes and that’s ok. Not everyone has the creative ability to design a home but some would at least have the basic knowledge about it. If you’re one of the people that don’t have any particular style in mind, hiring a professional in Melbourne based interior designer can be a great help in guiding you in achieving the design that can compliment your personality.

A few style options you can get for your interior design is called Hygge, which translates to cosiness. The Danes do this because they typically have long nights and they would need to stay more in their homes during the winter. This style puts layers of fabric like wool and fur around your home and adding beautiful lighting to make staying inside more amenable. This means soft places to relax, clean lines and good synchronised colours with simplistic shapes.

If you’re on the more adventurous side, a more eclectic interior style would be a better one. This means combining different styles from different cultures, time periods and jiving them to look zesty. Have some fun to mix and match. You may have an antique drawer that you would want to match with some tribal Tiki statues you got from a Hawaiian store. Remember that this is not a trail mix where everything goes. They need to bring out the personality in each other.

Then there’s the modern New York style – industrial, brick and mortar with strong metallic fixtures and raw designs reminiscent of the 1920’s. This is typically good for people who love the feeling of the city, enjoys the brick and the hustle that it brings. A lot of bachelors fit this style fully. Layered textiles, vintage rugs and low lights that contrast the stripped-down walls, it’s going to look beautifully weathered.

There are more interior design styles that you can choose from, but there are two things you need to remember when doing choosing one, it should fit your personality: you need to like it and you need to be comfortable in it. If something looks like it’s cramping your style, change it and rearrange it. You need to be happy in the comforts of your own home, simple design or an extravagant one.