Top Causes of Blocked Drains at Home

Blocked drains are truly one of the most annoying issues of all time in the house as it provides inconvenience as you use one of the most important parts of the house. This has caused water to overflow inside the various areas of the house, and is one of the top causes of flooding along with a smelly bathroom as well.

For those who are beginners in fixing these issues, you might not be aware of the top causes of these. Once you finish reading the article, you will become more aware about what to avoid draining away as you use the drains and sinks in your house. Take note that these apply to toilets, too. Here are the following:


Hair is known to be one of the most common reasons why blocked drains happen. There are times where we might want to shave, but we just want to drain those hairs away in order to avoid cleaning it up with your hands. However, take note that once a lot of these get stuck, chances are that it can completely block the drainage and can cause the issue.


Another common cause of blocked drains, oil tends to get hard once it gets stuck in a cold surface. Gladly, these are easy to prevent since you can use hot water to get rid of these completely. Grease also count in this category. So when removing oil off the utensils, be sure to dispose them on the trash can instead and never drain them.


Pests might not be a common cause, but these are the worst among all of the causes of blocked drains. There are some pests that tend to wander around dark and damp places such as pipelines, and they can get stuck there. What’s worse is that you might also encounter dead pests that might be there for a long time, and that will smell really terrible.

Tissue Papers

There are times where we just crumple tissue papers into bits and just drain it especially if there is no trash can available. This might not happen at most times, but is one of the common problems that can cause blocked drains due to some people thinking that it will just go down the drain properly. However, once it dries up, it can become a very huge problem that needs fixing right away.

These are the usual causes of blocked drains, but gladly, these are easy to remove. However, if the situation calls for it, it’s the best to contact a blocked drains Sydney North Shore in order to get things done faster and in a more accurate way.