Why Choose To Leave Your Vehicle In A Car Storage Facility

Winter is in the air. Yes, that is right and soon the air will be colder and in some countries, it will not be safe to drive during the entire season as roads will be snowy and dangerous. So, if you are used to driving your way around every day with your own car, then it is time to chill for a month or two and give your car a rest. But that does not mean you will just leave it in your garage. You have to prepare your car for a month or two storing time. A car should be well prepared before long storing time so that it will still be in good condition when you will use it again. And one more thing, you should store it in a safe place where someone will be watching over it 24/7.

For you to have an easy time, here are some tips in preparing your car for a long storage:

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© www.windrushcarstorage.co.uk
  • First thing that you should consider is where to store your vehicle. Well, you can store it in a car storage facility of course though as there are already a number of them, be sure to choose the facility well. Go for a car storage facility with concrete flooring and not just in an old open barn.
  • When the above step is taken care of, you can now prepare your vehicle. The first thing that you should tackle is the engine oil. That is right, you should store it with not so overused engine oil thus try checking it by dipping a stick and check for yourself if it is already dirty so that you can change it to a fresh one.
  • Be sure to only leave your vehicle when it is already completely clean and dry. Take note that you will be storing it for more than a month probably thus if you will leave it unclean and with moisture, you can just imagine what type of car will you retrieve later on.
  • Once you are in the storage facility, have your tires inflated to its maximum capacity so that they will not develop flat spots. Then be sure to leave it in a neutral position with a disengaged parking brake and it should be parked on a flat level surface.
  • Do not completely close the windows so that air can still circulate inside and moisture will not develop.
  • Cover your car before leaving it. Use the kind of quality cover that can still let your car breath even when fully covered.
  • If your car is not undercoated, then you should cover the concrete floor with a tarp or maybe a plastic sheet first just so the cover can act as moisture barrier.

So, there are the things that you must to prepare your vehicle when planning to store it for the entire season. Take note that the kind of car storage facility in Sunshine Coast  is important.